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Story of Vivekananda House at Georgia Tech

A lot of young Hindus at the Georgia Tech campus had expressed the need for an active physical space for Hindus to come together as Hindus to conduct various activities and also bond with each other. Vivekananda House was the perfect recipe for that, however, our plans had to be postponed due to COVID-19. The pandemic had further exaggerated the need for a community life with like-minded people, and so since 2021, we have had a Vivekananda House at Georgia Tech. It has been a great journey, starting small but slowly spreading the awareness in the student community that they have a home and family here on campus too! Having tried various spiritual, cultural, and social activities, we look forward to creating a safe and welcoming space for the students on campus. With the residents and the team working towards furthering the engagement at all levels, I am sure the Vivekananda House will serve as the fountainhead for the student community on our campus.

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