Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Address: 51 Richardson St, New Brunswick, 08901

In 2023, Vivekananda House at Rutgers University-New Brunswick emerged as a pioneering dharmic establishment, marking the first Vivekananda House in the northeastern United States. 

Recognizing Rutgers’ position as home to one of the largest Hindu populations in the United States lacking a designated dharmic safe space, RU Vivekananda House was established

Vivekananda House is a Hindu Students Center on the Rutgers campus that aims to provide a Dharmic safe space for those interested in learning more about Hindu culture and growing alongside the Hindu community.

Since its inception, Rutgers Vivekananda House has been actively engaging the community through a myriad of events, including the vibrant celebration of Navratri, engaging in enriching activities, and conducting Ganesh poojas. Moreover, the Vivekananda House hosts aartis, providing opportunities for reflection, divine connection, and spiritual nourishment.

To stay updated with the latest happenings and events at Rutgers Vivekananda House, please visit our Instagram page at Rutgers–NB Vivekananda House Instagram. Join us in celebrating diversity, dharma, and community at Rutgers University’s vibrant Vivekananda House!

If you are interested in residing at the RU–NB VH, please fill out the Residence Housing Application.