Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a Hindu Students Center on all major campuses in the United States that will become a central place for Hindu Spiritual Guidance, Hindu Activism, and service-oriented activities on the Campus and beyond.

Our mission is to provide opportunities to Hindu students to practice Hindu culture through various activities such as Sewa (Selfless-service), providing opportunities to Hindu students to practice Hindu culture, connecting with the larger issues affecting Hindus nationally and globally, by having a library of Hindu books at each Vivekananda House and by creating a conducive space for the development of students into volunteers for Hindu causes. Vivekananda Houses also serve as backbone and support for respective Hindu YUVA chapters by providing physical space for Hindu YUVA teams a space to conduct events and help the Hindu community on-campus in every possible way in strengthening their dharmic roots by providing many resources (but not limited to) like a meditation room, music room, library, hangout space, study space, open kitchen, puja room etc. For more info about Hindu YUVA, please visit the website.

Impact on Campuses

Vivekananda House

  • can lease the premises to other like-minded organizations to conduct their workshops
  • will serve as a go-to place for Hindu student community in case of any social issue and collective representation
  • at a prime location in campus-town will also create a soft strength for Hindu community both students and families alike